Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ruby, Rubikins, Rubiks Cube, Ruby-Rube, little lady, princess, sweetie, Lady-Baby, Honey Bunny, and more

 The New Family Favorite, Ruby

My Mom came out a week before Ruby was born and was able to stay for 2 weeks.  

The kiddos stayed at Grandma and Papa's while Richard and I were in the hospital.  We stayed from about 3am Monday morning (she was born at 7:01 am) to 5pm Tuesday.

Our kids came to visit Ruby when she was about 4 hours old.

So very, very beautiful.  

My Mom created this poster to welcome little Ruby.

 I love the scared/concerned look newborns often have.  They are so cute!

  Love those cheeks!!

  Talking with Grammers.  

First Bath!!

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